Badmode-25-meters-bass├ñngen-Olofstr├Âm-11-baddr├ñkter-i-emalj-kopia ”Fashion of swimwear”, placed in the public bath house, Holjebadet Olofstrom. anna_papiljott1

Photographs from the exhibition ”Rollers and between times” at Karlskronas art gallery. Photo: Staffan Lindbom, Blekinge Lans Tidning

Horses, stoneware. Photo: Staffan Lindbom, Blekinge Lans Tidning


Working with clay – playing at work

My late father Alf, a well known Swedish artist, used to ask me when I was a little girl if I would like to work with clay. His approach, ascribing clay such importance and value and not something to simply play with, had an impact on me although I didn’t know that at the time. As I didn’t know that drawings, paintings and enamel would come to be included in my work and passion. 
Discovering and trying new materials, checking if my expression is distinct, is important for me. I don´t want boundaries. I want to have a free mind. I want to explore. I would like to tell you something about what I do – how I sculpture, draw, paint or bring life into enamel. The process when I ponder and plan, study and scale.

I have worked, this is true. But have I played? Yes! Totally absorbed by creating, by solutions, my head bursting with pictures and ideas. Happens all the time. My plan or study can be very vague, a rough idea existing only in my mind. And sometimes the material is the boss. A woman turned out a horse, because that was the will of the clay. And so be it.

I get my inspiration and ideas from the most strange things and thoughts, when walking the dog or sometimes out of a dream. That´s why I find it a real challenge doing public commitments, commitments often with pronounced expectations and requests. If I stay true to my inner fantasy, if I can unify these opposites – magic will happen, even within a predestinated area.

I´m with my art both physically and mentally. There are no such thing as a day off, a planned vacation or retirement. I work unintentionally. I get reminded of feelings and phenomenons from the past, capture the moment or conquer new knowledges and intentions and in one way or the other the inspiration leads me towards my piece of art. That´s how I work. Which means that my art is a mirror into my emotional life, whether I want that or not.

The dog journey, stoneware 30 inches . Photo: Ola Åkeborn, Wretmarks Foto



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I have sculptures, pictures, enamel, photographs and paintings for sale and if You are interested in mural stoneware or mural art please contact me!

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